Years ago, I decided to follow my intuition to get help. I was taught at an early age that helping others, including myself, is an important part of living. My helping others comes from me doing my own work; my own healing.

I’m glad you have made it here as it is a sign that you, too, are interested in helping yourself. Helping ourselves gives us the greatest gift towards helping others. Even if we are not in search of that. In our time of living on a planet in need of help, I believe our greatest gift of healing the planet starts with our own healing. The work I practice, and the services I provide, offer me the greatest possibility of helping others.

I want to share this work with you. I spend a lot of time feeling my best by understanding what is involved in healing from past traumas, and the pitfalls that hold us back. Check out my webpage here to learn a little more about what I offer. When you’ve read enough and have a sense about how I can help with healing trauma, submit a request to speak to me about working together. I found working with the nervous system at a pivotal time in my life. I want to share how you can start feeling better. Right from the start!