Happy Transitions

I’m excited about settling back into my private practice after a dedicated couple of years in graduate school. I have fallen in love again this summer with my work as a Rolfer after having to set it aside while I completed my yearlong internship at Swain Recovery Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina. 

I finished my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in August and I am awaiting my Licensed Professional Counselor Associate license from the state licensing board. My concentration in graduate school was in Expressive Arts. Here is my definition of Expressive Arts as I experience it:

Expressive Arts is the use of creativity for greater understanding, self-exploration, mediation, and process. So much in this world is defined, mapped, discovered, labeled, pigeon holed, reduced, discriminated against, oppressed, misunderstood, banished, targeted, ignored, etc. Expressive Arts is an alternative to this kind of thinking and being. Expressive Arts is an opportunity for experience, ritual, and meaning making. In this way, it is part of who we are and how we came to be through the evolutionary process. Creativity is part of being human just like breathing, sleeping, eating, and sensing. 

In addition to loving Expressive Arts work, I’m excited by how the use of creativity enhances what is possible when resolving trauma. Experience is such a huge component to both EXA and trauma resolution. Being with the experience that arises is necessary to solve some of the mysteries of how trauma affects day to day living. Most often, good trauma work is understanding the right time to facilitate experience. Expressive Arts is no different.

I am grateful for the skill set I have and I am looking forward to serving those in my community. I am additionally grateful to work with the online communities I help through the work I do as a trauma consultant and program moderator with Irene Lyon and everyone on her team. Irene has created some amazing online programming that has been particularly helpful to so many wanting to know more about nervous system health. You can find out more about her programs at Irenelyon.com. I help moderate on Facebook in the Healthy Nervous System Revolution group, 21-Day Nervous System Reboot group, and the Smart Body Smart Mind group. 

Thanks for reading my blog! I look forward to hearing from you about your questions and what is happening in your experience of the world.