Bodywork for Resiliency

As a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a certified Rolfing Movement and Structural Integration Practitioner I specialize in supporting change at a complex level of the human system - our nervous system. This powerful approach to working with the body and mind's encoded body memory,  is unique within the field of body work. I am trained in the treatment of PTSD, all forms of trauma, Anxiety, Panic, Hyperactivity, Over exercising, Exaggerated Startle, Inability To Relax, Restlessness, Hyper-vigilance, Digestive Problems, Emotional Flooding, Chronic Pain, Hostility, Rage, Depression, Flat Affect, Lethargy, Deadness, Exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue, Disorientation, Disconnection, fibromyalgia,  Dissociation, Complex syndromes, Pain, Poor Digestion, and Overeating.