Rolfing® Structural Integration

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My gifts as a Certified Rolfer™ involve the specificity of addressing patterns in the body that support optimal health. Structure and tissue support the needs of the nervous system’s ability to function. With this understanding, structure facilitates breathing, thinking, feeling, organ function, mental health, movement, self-protective responses, meaning making, spirituality, and emotion. When the nervous system has an experience that is unresolved, or maintains a pattern that lacks the oscillatory ability to readily shift from self-protective responses to a resting state, structure supports it’s function. This often presents itself in a tightness in the body but also as a decreased ability to respond to functional demands. This is especially true when there is unresolved trauma related to accidents, injury, and repetitive stress. What feels like an injury, stiff joint, seized up back, sore neck, is often a protective nervous system response with a fascial pattern and movement pattern supporting it.

My approach involves working with bound nerves and fascial restrictions through movement, perception and manual therapy. Organization of fascia, movement, and structure occurs in relationship with gravity, perception(inside and out), meaning, and function. Working with these components affect how the brainstem coordinates movement, structure, and regulation of the nervous system. I want to know more about your story. What leads you to this work. I look forward to hearing from you!